Dr.Gudrun Corvinus Portal

Dr.Gudrun Corvinus Portal

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This portal is dedicated to the memory of the late renowned prehistorian Dr. Gudrun Corvinus. 

Gudrun Corvinus (1932-2006)

Gudrun Corvinus was a geologist and archaeologist with monumental contributions in the field of South Asian prehistory. From a very young age she was fascinated with the world of nature and went on to study geology, palaeontology and prehistory at the University of Tubingen. She later moved to Pune, India, where she was associated with the Deccan College. Here, she conducted a detailed survey of the Pravara River, Maharashtra, and landmark excavations at the important Acheulian (Lower Palaeolithic) site of Chirki. This marked a new phase in Indian prehistory, in terms of both methodology, interpretation and publication. She then moved to Africa, where she joined the International Afar Expedition team, Ethiopia. Here, she made the pathbreaking discovery of 2.6 million year-old artefacts. She was invited by the Anglo-American and De Beers Company to work as Senior Geologist in the Diamond Mines of SW Africa (Namibia), where she discovered 18 million year old fossils, as also many Palaeolithic artefacts. Moving back to Nepal, she ran a major research project, discovering the first Acheulian sites in this region, as also many other prehistoric sites and fossils. Two volumes of this research and numerous publications are a landmark in South Asian prehistory. She dedicated her life to research, but was also interested in anthropology, music, art, with a deep desire to travel and learn. Her brutal murder in 2006, in Pune, cut short the life of this humble and talented scholar.  

We will shortly be uploading data regarding her life and work, as also other projects instituted in her memory. 

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