New Intern!

Posted Date: 16-10-2019


We are delighted to have with Dr. Paromita Bose interning with us. 

Dr. Paromita Bose

Paromita Bose completed her Master’s degree with a first class in Archaeology, from Department of Archaeology, University of Calcutta, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology (PGDA) from Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi. During her Diploma course, she has participated in several exploration and excavation programs across India. In addition, she was also exposed to different multidisciplinary approaches in studying archaeology. She qualified for UGC-NET and awarded the Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship, by University Grants Commission (UGC) for a tenure of five years for her PhD work. Her PhD was based on defining archaeological contexts of polished stone tools from Eastern Indian region, with a specific focus on West Singhbhum, Jharkhand. During this, she carried out extensive field explorations in and around different river valleys of West Singhbhum region and reported about twenty-four new prehistoric occurrences in that area. In addition, based on published archaeological records she prepared an elaborate database of polished stone tools distribution in different parts of India, reported from both Neolithic and non-Neolithic contexts. Besides, she has also documented and prepared an inventory of raw materials exploited in context of polished stone tools manufacturing across different sites in India. This site-wise catalogue is a first attempt in this context as information regarding raw material exploitation of polished stone celts was only found in their report of discoveries and no concise catalogue was available. After completing her PhD, she participated in excavation of Sendrayanpalayam site, Tamil Nadu, under supervision of Sharma Centre for Heritage Education as a volunteer and participated in mapping, excavation, collection and documentation of excavated lithic artifacts. She is currently working as an intern in Sharma Centre for Heritage Education. Her research interest is in prehistory, neolithic, polished stone tools and provenance studies of lithics, as also in GIS applications in archaeology.