Condolence: Dr. Maurice Taieb

Posted Date: 27-07-2021

Dr. Maurice Taieb (1935-2021)

We, at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, India, deeply condole the demise of Dr. Maruice Taieb. Dr. Taieb is world renowned for his contributions in geology and palaeoanthropology as part of the CNRS research project in the fossilferous deposits at Hadar, Ethiopia, leading to the discovery of the famous australopithecine  'Lucy'. While his research in Africa is well known, his work in India was equally pioneering, during the period when he served at The French Institute of Pondicherry, collaborating with palaeoscientists on past environmental changes. It was during this period that he took a great interest in our research project at the Palaeolithic site of Attirampakkam, and in fact realised the enormous potential of the site for palaeoanthropology at a very early stage. 

Dr. Taieb not only inspired and guided us through early stages of our research, but facilitiated networks and collaborations in  prehistory, geochronology and palaeoenvironmental studies. It is through his vision, that our research could move beyond India to situate sites in a wider context.  His enthusiasm for Indian prehistory and his belief that this work had global significance were instrumental in our publications and subsequent research.

Above all, his generosity, humility and kindness to all; his ability to bond with everyone be they  academicians or village famers, ensured that he continues to be remembered with love and respect. 

We remember him with affection and gratitude. 

A condolence meeting was held jointly with the French Institute of Pondicherry on 4th August, 2021, where his colleagues and friends from India and abroad, shared their memories of him. 



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