About Us

Sharma Centre for Heritage Education

The Sharma Center for Heritage Education, Chennai (est. 2nd April, 1999, Reg. No. 308/4), is a non-profit Public Educational Trust and aimed at promoting research into India’s natural and cultural heritage; and communicating an awareness of this amongst the public. Our areas of contribution are in the fields of cutting-edge research in Indian archaeology, results of which are published in high-ranking scientific journals such as Science.  We generate awareness of Indian archaeology amongst children and teachers through our ongoing children’s museum project. We advise corporates and other professionals on issues related to impacts at archaeological sites and remedial measures for the same. 

Our team of dedicated scientists and staff works in collaboration with research institutes in India and abroad.

Research contributions

  • Scientific research using cutting-edge methods to investigate India’s ancient archaeological heritage and past environments. Read more on this website. 

  • High-quality standards and research credibility are maintained by publishing in peer-reviewed impact factor journals, recognized globally, including in Science. 

  • Receipt of grants for research project funding: Homi Bhabha Fellowships Council, Leakey Foundation, USA, Earthwatch Institute, USA, ISRO-GBP, etc. 

  • Our institute receives yearly licenses for survey/excavation from the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India and the Department of Archaeology, State Government of Tamil Nadu.

  • We have collaborated with/ received funding from some of the leading research institutes in India and the world e.g.; Homi Bhabha Fellowships Council through a fellowship to Dr. S.Pappu, Dr. K.Akhilesh; Leakey Foundation, USA; Earthwatch Institute USA; CEREGE, France; Universite Lumiere, Lyon-2; France; Williams College, USA; Indian Space research organisation (ISRO); French Institute, Pondicherry, National Physical Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad; Universities of Pondicherry & Mangalore; Agharkar Research Institute, Pune; IGRMS, (Museum of Mankind, Bhopal).

  • We have MOU’s with the University of Lyon, and French Institute, Pondicherry and CENIEH, Burgos, Spain. 

Public archaeology programs 

  • We conduct regular workshops and programs for children, teachers and the interested wider community, in our ongoing creation of an alternate museum environment.

  • We have organized numerous workshops for children, and Masters and Ph.D. students as also faculty from South Asian countries, funded by INQUA-HabCOM, the ICHR, Ministry of Culture, Earthwatch Institute, Vodafone Communications , and INQUA-HaBCOM. 


  • We communicating information on Indian heritage through talks, workshops, training programs and popular books, e.g. The Shining Stones (Tulika, Chennai). 

  • We advise on the heritage of specific regions of interest, including providing information on assessment of impacts to sites during construction of infrastructure, to ensure complying with international and national legislations and associated suggestions for remedial measures to balance conservation and development.

  • We functioned as a recognized DRC (documentation research center) for the National Mission on Monument and Antiquities (NMMA) Government of India.

  • We were appointed honorary consultants (2011) for the Archaeological Survey of India, to prepare a concept note on restructuring of the syllabus of the Institute of Archaeology, ASI, as also by the Department of Archaeology, State Government of Tamil Nadu, for advice on excavations at Perur and Mangudi, Tamil Nadu and for training in excavation methods and prehistory (2002-2003).

  • We provided an intensive report on the state of impacts affecting prehistoric sites in Tamil Nadu, arising from a joint project with RRSC-South, NRSA, under the ISRO-GBP scheme, using satellite remote sensing. We suggested methods and policy, measures for carrying out archaeological impact assessment as adopted by developed countries e.g. Europe, China, South Africa, U.K., USA, for documenting &/ or preservation of sites prior to starting construction, etc.

History of Indian Archaeology

We are building up a repository of information on pioneers in Indian Prehistory. A biography of Robert Bruce Foote is currently in progress.