At the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education, we are delighted to host bright young interns working on topics of their interest. Here we present projects that our interns were involved in. 



Funded by the Sharma Kamala Educational Trust 

JUNE 2023 

Funded by the Sharma Kamala Educational Trust


"Archaeology is not only the hand maid of history, it is also the conservator of art." 
                                             _ Edward Bulwer Lytton
I'm Sagarika Sen and I'm pursuing bachelor's degree in Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology in Visva-Bharati University, Shantiniketan.
I've been in love with the mysteries of the past ever since I was a kid. And whenever my mind isn't plagued with the thoughts of the wonders that our ancestors were, I find myself immersed in art. 
The Sharma Centre for Heritage Education not only allowed me to be introduced to hands-on experience with archaeology but also allowed me to harness my creativity in the process.
With this knowledge I plan to explore the world of archaeology more and find an aspect of it that suits me the best. For now I plan on becoming a part of the academic line of work in future. I hope to disperse acquired knowledge in the best way possible so that more students like me are able to delve into archaeology with similar passion.
In future, I imagine myself researching about the topics which peak my intrigue. I want to be able to answer all my curiosity related to this subject. I hope to be a resourceful person in the academic world, who can inspire students to join this line of work. I want to be able to present complicated notions in the most interactive and and intriguing way so as to pique the interest of the general public as well. I hope I can use the skills I learnt in SCHE to make more and more people be interested in knowing their own heritage and history.

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"Don't teach, live your life as a living teaching for all humanity"                               
                                                            Abijit Naskar 
            I am Riya Philip, I've pursued my bachelor's in Museology and Archaeology from Assumption Autonomous College, Chenganassery.The past has always made me wrap my mind around what happened? and that fact made me read,  to find answers which  formed my roots for Archaeology and Archaeology inturn has changed my outlook on everything I come across in my day to day life , from  unembellished stones I see around to complex structures make me wonder Why, When and How?. As I am just a beginner with many aspirations trying to figure out which part of Archaeology I love the most at the moment that I'm still exploring, in the quest to discover my facination although I'm deeply interested in Classical Archaeology as well as Egyptology and now Prehistory furthermore I hope and wish to increase my potential and achieve something to the best of my abilities for Sharma Centre for Heritage Education.
Sharma Centre has made me realise that there lies abounding opportunities ahead of you , moreover it's your perspective and perseverance that will decide your foreseeable future in addition to that Read Read and Read increase your knowledge, make notes, discuss and ask a lot of questions, clear your mind. My mentors here have taught me a lot which includes hands on experience, Research, conducting workshops , detailed lectures on various topics, discussions during lunch on future possibilities in archaeology and on  excavation experiences, etc that will act as a foundation in my future endeavours and  I'll try my best to put it into action.The time I spent here will be forever treasured.
In future I'd love to see myself as a field archaeologist striving to make a contribution in this sphere, attempting to bring more clarity in my work and to be of help to anyone in need.


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Intern Projects June-July, 2022

1. Let's Explore Prehistoric Stone Tools: video for children on prehistoric stone tools 

Check out this video made by our interns Ms. Surabhi Trivady and Ms. Prashanthi Subbiah :










About: "My name is Prashanthi Subbiah. I am a rising Third Year History Major at KREA University, Sri City. I have been deeply interested in History since I was a little kid and love to explore the different fields that are linked to the subject. These fields include archaeology, journalism, and international and public affairs. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Stone Age during my time at SCHE and will never forget the skills and learnings I imbibed from here". 

Internship Dates: June 20th - July 15th, 2022

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About: Surabhi Trivady is a third-year undergraduate student at Krea University joint-majoring in History and Politics. When she needs an escape from academic work, you’ll most probably find her with a fantasy novel (sometimes reading about made-up kingdoms is less stressful than reading about real ones). She plans to delve into archaeology in the years to come.

Internship Dates: June 20th - July 15th, 2022

Check out their intern project video:





About: Nandan's Internship consisted of creating a numismatics module for school students in the Sharma Centre. Through research and curation he put together a set of teaching guides in the form of posters and cards, and it culminated in a workshop with 40 middle school students. Along with the material prepared, Nandan also learned about stone tools, their style and use, and production through hands-on experiments and handling of prehistoric stone tool artefacts.

Internship Dates: 20th June 2022 to 23rd July 2022








About: "I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology at Somaiya Vidyavihar University, Mumbai currently. The question “why are we (humans) the way we are?” arouses curiosity and contemplation in me and has made me interested in learning about human beings (the development of human behaviour, cognition and culture) as well as human evolution. Therefore, the fields of archeology and anthropology (as well as aesthetics) have fascinated me since a long time. I wish to pursue a career in the fields of archaeology and palaeoanthropology and the internship at the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education (SCHE) has acted as a catalyst for it. The internship introduced me to lithic technology and experimental archaeology and the latest trends in the field of paleoarchaeology. The practical training I received under expert guidance helped me absorb the theoretical aspects of stone tool technology in an effective manner".

Internship Dates: July 11-30th, 2022 



About: At the time of my internship, I am a second-year student at Ashoka University, Sonepat, Haryana, majoring in history and intAnational relations. History has always attracted me as a way to find out how similar, yet different humans have been throughout time. The internship at the Sharma Centre helped me gain valuable insights into the lives of early hominins, and gave me a look into the world of archaeological research.

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Internship Dates: July 11-30th, 2022