Down Ancient Trails: About this forum

Important points to read through...

The Idea: grew out of the Covid-19 pandemic & lockdown, when we decided to reach out to connect archaeologists and other scientists to discuss topics of mutual interest. 

Three major forums: We have at present,three major forums: a. Discussion Group events. b. Mini online workshops; c. a Lecture Series. At present, we are opening up the lecture series for a maximum of 100 participants. While lectures are open access and by registeration, the group discussions and workshops are a closed group of participants invited by the speaker/s and moderators of the session. 

Recording/Live streaming: Our meetings are all live. We do not share recordings or livestream on social media. Recording or live streaming and replaying recorded discussions/talks is entirely at the wish of the speaker/speakers or moderators. We respect wishes for privacy and other concerns of academic importance, and thus we do not livestream to social media. Participants are not permitted to record these. 

Modes of video conferencing: In these trying Covid-19 times, we use open source or low-cost video conference software (unless someone can help us out in gaining a wider platform!) .These are limited to 100 participants, so we request you to bear with us until we can afford a larger platform. Thus, while true webinar formats are not available, we do get other benefits of video-conferencing sufficient to serve our needs and to keep this informal. Unless specified, all meetings are recorded for internal official purposes only.

Codes of conduct online: Participants must respect codes of conduct online, as regards comments posted; be courteous and maintain decorum during online conferences. Participants may be removed in the event of any misdemeanor. We urge participants to stick to academic questions related to the topic in hand. It may be noted that the views of the speakers/moderators/participants are entirely their own for which the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education is not responsible. These are open access talks, uniting people with shared interests, and we do not provide any certificates for the same.  No screenshots or audio-video recording of talks by participants are permitted. Please respect the wishes of the speakers in this respect. 

Postponement: In the event of technical glitches beyond our control, we will postpone the meeting and inform you as regards the next date.

The Future: we are evolving new ideas and ways in which we can open our minds to new and innovative ideas. We will continue this post-lockdown expanding into other modes of learning and fun activities for all.